Experience 4 different cultures at Park Fest 2017

//Experience 4 different cultures at Park Fest 2017

If you wander the streets of Curaçao you’ll see the many cultural influences that form the island. We are a melting pot of Caribbean, Latin-America, European, and American cultures. On October 28, 2017, we will celebrate exactly that; the beauty of the cultures that surround us. Park Fest Multi Culti, at Landhuis Chobolobo, is a cultural festival that will celebrate the countries of Mexico, Curaçao, Cuba, and Jamaica. Get better acquainted with these cultures by tasting their food, dancing to their beats, and living the way they do.

Park Fest 2017 Curaçao

Park Fest

Park Fest is an annual cultural event where 4 cultures are celebrated each year. Young and old, local and tourists can come and enjoy 11 hours of entertainment (from 12 pm till 11 pm) where each country will be well represented.

Dance to the beats of the popular local reggae band, Uprising, or follow a Cuban salsa workshop. Discover the local cuisine of Curaçao, Cuba, Mexico, and Jamaica or make your own bite during a Mexican cooking workshop. Feel the true Caribbean vibe at the hammock lounge area while various bands and DJ’s entertain you till late in the evening.

Experience Curaçao

Many tourists come to dip their toes at one of our beautiful beaches, but it’s the culture of Curaçao that makes them fall in love with the island. Every year, around January/February, we celebrate Carnival with colorful parades and dedicated music, Tumba or Roadfire, to pump up the festivities. To give you a taste of our Carnival Tumba King, Amos Balentien, will perform his winning ‘Tumba’ at Park Fest and will have everyone swinging their hips.

But, what about the culinary side of Curaçao? Well, our local cuisine is rich with local specialties created according to our customs and the local raw materials available. Take for example the Senior Curaçao Liqueur which is a genuine Curaçao Liqueur made with a local fruit called, Laraha. They will also be present to make delicious cocktails for you with this liqueur. Whether you like something sweet, savory or a tropical cocktail, at Park Fest you will find it all.

Experience Mexico

You won’t be able to walk the streets of Mexico without hearing Mariachi at least once. For Mexicans mariachi is the music that represents life; the joy, the sorrows, and the celebration of it all. There is something to be learned about their lifestyle and at Park Fest, you can enjoy life just like the Mexicans do.

But, Mexico is not only popular for their music. Their local cuisine has been gaining lots of momentum in these past years. What about those popular quesadillas? Make your own during a food workshop at Park Fest and then enjoy your own creation.

Experience Jamaica

If you think of Jamaica, you’ll automatically think of Reggae. The cool beats of the Reggae music are inextricably linked to the tropical island of Jamaica. How can it not?! Jamaica offers the perfect backdrop for the music of “All Right”. The palm trees along the shoreline, pristine landscapes, and the vibrant culture give Jamaica the relax vibe we all know it for.

Like Jamaicans say, “Kuul yu fut.” Meaning, chill out and relax. So sing along well-known Bob Marley lyrics at Park Fest and free your mind and spirit.

Experience Cuba

Cuban cigars are the contribution of Cuba to this world and their way of teaching us how to enjoy life. At Park Fest, we will bring this exact way of living to life. Cigars, coffee, salsa, and good company is exactly what anyone needs to feel and live as a Cubano, even if it’s just for a day.

Very important: don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes! A good Cuban party must have some good dancing in it. In Cuba, salsa is one of the main music that is danced at parties. Don’t worry if your feet can’t dance to the beat of the salsa music. We’ll teach you how to move the right way at Park Fest.

So, come to Park Fest on October 28, 2017, and enjoy a day full of cultural entertainment like never before on Curaçao.

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