Curacao’s #1 Tourist Attraction

Opening Hours Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm

What to Expect?

  • Visit the Genuine Curacao Liqueur Distillery
  • Go on a journey through Curacao history
  • Taste a variety of our fine liqueurs
  • Enjoy signature cocktails
  • Grab a bite or try handmade ice cream
  • Find original Curacao souvenirs and gifts
  • Enter one of the few public historic mansions
  • Distillery Tour things to do Curacao
  • Laraha Curacao Liqueur Distillery Tour
  • Curacao Liqueur Distillery Tour
  • Copper Still Curacao Liqueur production process
  • Curacao Liqueur Bottles

FREE entrance FREE tasting!

Open to all ages, so bring your children along!

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